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Why improve writing and public speaking skills?

1. Effective communication skills are essential to the success of every student. Knowing the answer is simply not enough. In school, through writing and presenting, a student must be able to clearly demonstrate what they know and how they arrived at their conclusion. A student who cannot write or present well will struggle to explain their ideas clearly in all subjects in school.

2. Writing regularly improves critical thinking skills. When writing, students must first understand their audience, gather ideas, and evaluate which ideas are most important and relevant, capturing those ones into an outline. Having strong vocabulary and a good understanding of paragraph structure will allow them to choose the most appropriate words and arrange them in the most meaningful way when drafting.

3. Writing and presenting well builds confidence and self-esteem. Students who are confident will engage more in class discussions, thereby improving their learning. Confidence also encourages students to take leadership roles in their education and later in their professional life.

4. Effective communication skills are the most sought-after skills in today’s workplace. The person hired for a job, particularly a management position, is not always the most technically qualified person. Organizations want individuals who can communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, employees, and co-workers, and they will hire individuals who possess strong writing and public speaking skills over other candidates.

5. Studies have shown that students who take brief, handwritten notes retain more information than students who type detailed notes. As part of our writing curriculum, we teach students how to capture key information briefly in hand-written outlines. As students synthesize their information into paragraphs and essays, they will be able to recall the information in their notes effectively. This note-taking strategies will become particularly important as the student progresses to university and is required to capture large volumes of information.

Write on Q is an after-school program for students in elementary and secondary school (grades three through ten). Our language development program supports and enriches the Ontario school curriculum.

For motivated students, we offer:

  • After-school courses taught by certified teachers in a classroom setting
  • 1.5 hours of instruction time per week in class during the school year (September to June) plus weekly homework in vocabulary, writing, and public speaking which is marked and returned with specific feedback
  • Structured lessons on grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, note-taking, drafting,editing, effective paragraph composition, and essay writing
  • A variety of essay styles: expository, persuasive, compare and contrast, timed S.S.A.T. format, to name just a few
  • In essay writing, we teach how to create interesting introductions, thesis development, providing solid evidence to support an argument, and how to write strong conclusions
  • Ongoing teacher feedback to students throughout the writing process (outline, drafting, revising, and editing stages of writing)
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Lessons on media literacy


Our program is designed for students from elementary school through to high school. Students must be motivated learners, interested in developing their oral and written communications skills further. Students are accepted on the basis of academic skills, interest, and a qualifying interview.



What Parents are Saying

Write On Q is one of the best language programs out there. It has helped my daughter progress greatly. With the help of Write On Q my daughter is one of the 150 children in Peel that made the IBT program. This is partly because of the great team and awesome curriculum of Write on Q. We recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more, expand their language skills, public speaking.

Denisa Tutoveanu

(mother of Emma, grades 6)

Write on Q is an excellent program. My daughter (currently in Grade 6) has completed two years of the program and it has helped with her writing and her public speaking skills. She excels in Language Arts at school and this program has helped her do that. She is more confident in preparing and organizing her written output and identifying the most important information she wants to relay, whether verbally or through expressive writing. I highly recommend this program.

Dr. Parveen Sandhu

(mother of Arya, Write on Q grades 5 and 6)

Words can’t express how much you helped our son David to improve his English! Last year, he won to go to Nationals for a science fair. He told me when I asked him what do you think helped you? He said, mom the fact that I went to Write on Q, helped me a lot. I learned the best Public Speaking strategies for me! At school, he went from a B student in English to an A student! As a parent, I saw a big progress from the beginning until the end of the program! Thanks, Fatima so much, will continue to recommend your program to everyone!

Mihaela Vidican

(mother of David, Write on Q grades 7 and 8)

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